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Windy excursion

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Oldtimebasser and I went to Holston yesterday and battled the elements for 7 hours or so. It was a slow go we got 2 bites and caught 2 fish. If snooter will attach the pictures he will be once more held in deep asteem. [email protected]:character0053 See my photo galley 1st 2 pic's are form this trip.
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Thanks for the report HD!
Thanks for the report!! Looking forward to seeing those pics!!!!!

where they at??
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Thanks for the report Hawgdaddy dont feel bad it was slow on Boone yesterday to. They will be days like this.
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2 is better than none or setting home. Good job.
Thanks for sharing
thats two more than if you stayed home thanks for report my son and i will be going on sunday any help on what they were hitting would be great help will post when we get back

basser randy
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Thanks for the report. If you 2 only caught 2 then we all know that it was a tough bite. Still beats work!
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