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who is it

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who is it that has the yellow triton man that and excellant looking boat
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I believe your talking about "Gunny". He just got it not long ago.
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that baby is sharp i need 1
yellow rocks on any boat
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It is a good looking boat it was posted on the other site when he first got it i think it is a dual console to. Sweet.

Yes, that's my boat. Glad you like it. It's a 2008 Tr-176 dual console with a Merc OptiMax-115.

Here is a pic:

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Check out Gunny's fishing partner!

Sorry guys, had to decorate the place up a little.
Oh!!!! that is one very lucky Butt Seat........
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Yellow does rock.I've been fishin with Gunny 4 several years now.He must b keepin this partner away from all his buddies,cause I've never seen her.Guess I can't blame him.
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Thank you Blessed Fisherman!

If that WERE my fishing partner I think I'd never leave the water!!
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Yeah, My wife just thinks I like to fish a lot now!
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Hey Gunny,

When we come down this Spring, is that bow ornament going to be joinin' us? If so, Hogman and K.J. will have to concentrate a lot more on that "first fish". Wonder how she'd look on a red Triton? Mrs. C would, never mind, I'll shut up now.

Great boat no matter who's up front.
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