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ETFROCKS2: 4 boat loads of striper fishermen from the Lake Norman, NC area hit the Bar on Friday-Saturday and a half day Sunday.

Got Stripers of 26#, 25#, 24#, 15#, 15#, 8# and the whopper, a 4 # lake norman sized striper.

Also got a ton of catfish and one big one 46" long 32" girth, maybe 60#????

one Muskie, a few trash fish (largemouth and smallmouth, hehehe) and one white bass.

All the fish are still in the lake for us to catch next year.

Got blown off the lake by 7:45 am Sun. morning and drove back to Gods' country to watch the race.

Had a wonderful time, still looking for the elusive 40# freshwater striper. We came close year before last 38#.

Need any help with questions on Lake norman, let me know, I live on the lake.

Belong to a striper club SASS (Striper Anglers Sportsmans Society), we fish twice a month from Sept till April.

Jerry Grauman


Looking for the 40lb'er, that's the problem your fishing the wrong lake here in East TN. but you were close about another hour away
, I have a couple over 40 actually one was 42lb's on the docks scale and 39 something on mine, my biggest was a 46 lb'er caught in March, I have several in the 30's and I caught one from Ft Loudon that was 36lb while I was bass fishing on a blue back shad rap on 10lb test line in Feb 2006...PM me sometime and maybe we will go.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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