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Water Weigh-in Systems

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I picked this up off the TWRA site. It's lengthy but very interesting. I know several of the larger Tournament trails have taken this approach and it seems to work really well.

Water Weigh-In System
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I am totally in favor of the wet weigh in systems and yes it does help the fish. I am just not yet totally convinced of the accuracy of them yet. I would like to see how they control the water levels and stability of the scales verses the movement of water and how the addition and extraction of different water levels are figured. Water is as most of you know heavy.....
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Id say they zero the scales before each weighing.
They would have to recalibrate or re zero the scales with each weight or bag of fish but what I wonder is how do they keep the water level the same in the tanks they weigh the fish in. I have seen weigh ins so close that 1 ounce of water one way or the other can win or lose some very big money. I don't know that they have a way to keep water weights accurate. Water is to unstable. Oh yea I don't know if yall have ever considered it but water containing alot of iron in it actually weighs almost 1 ounce more than water that does not contain iron per gallon?.......
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Softy you are full of good information I would love to pick your brain we all learn alot from you...

I also have wondered about the water I now they zero each time put as they lift the fish out some water goes with them and some get spilled so it will change the weight of the water at each weigh in so looks like each one would get cheated a little. they must weigh the water to makes sure it is the same each time or weigh the water and subtract the water weight from the total.
I am sure they do weigh the water each time and would have to add water each time to correct for water extracted on the previous bag. They just don't show it on TV cause it would take 3 hours on air time to do a weign in. with all of the commercials they would have to fit in. Television could not exist without a 5 minute commercial break every 15 minutes or less. I began timing some commercial breaks on some networks and some of them have go as long as 6 minutes ten seconds per break. I contacted that network with an ugly email and after about two weeks got a reply back that cable networking was the reason for the long commercial breaks because it was cable that sold the air time for commercials and not the networks and the networks only recieved a small percentage of the proceeds from the commercials. I then wrote Comcast about this problem and they said they had no control over how many commercials the networks sold and all they could do was play the format sent to them by the networks so I thought that it is a conspiracy between the two so I contacted Satelite network to see how their programing worked and it was very similar so I forwarded all of the letters I had recieved to the FCC last week and am waiting to hear back from them........
I am tired of my cable bill climbing and getting more and more comercials and less programming and when satelite companies blamed the rate hikes of the FCC and their taxes I thought that the FCC might want to add their 2 cents into it.
I hope they all get in a pitbull fight and maybe we will get our money's worth some day.....
Still wondering why I am paying for 3 TV Guide channels too. Don't need but one...........
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Softy let us know what you hear.
ya'll can bet ya'll will know of what I learn soon as I hear back from them........
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The scales are zeroed after each angler weight is made official to make sure the next basket is weighed the same way. The individual fish in the tank is done the same way. Zeroed after each anglers weights are official.
Wat to go Softy. Don't give them a minute's rest.
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