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Top 3 Spring Techniques...

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Same thing as before... what's your Top 3 techniques, lures, etc for catching bass (LM, SM or SP) during the spring? Let's see what you think.

  1. Carolina Rig Lizard
  2. Texas Rig Lizard
  3. Black & Brown Jig
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Spinnerbait ,R-trap, Lizard T-rigand C-rig,Jig
Hard Jerk baits early

T-Rigged Worms and Stick baits late morning

JNP and T-Rigs rest of day

Late Spring Adds Buzz baits and Flukes and spinnerbaits

rattletraps / crankbaits

carolina rig & T Rig
#5-#6 Colorado blade spinnerbait

Texas rigged lizard

soft plastic jerk bait
Assuming were talking prespawn here:

1. Shad Rap

2. Jerkbait

3. Spinnerbait
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1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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