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Has anyone been on Tellico lately? I'm wanting to get back down there and see how things are. Haven't been there since last spring.
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Fishing isn't too bad around bakers creek, bat creek, or clear creek right now. The bite is real slow.
I had a lousy Friday afternoon on the lower end of the lake. I'll fish Baker's creek and, perhaps, Bat creek tomorrow.
Watch your fish finder as you make your way back into bat creek. When you find fish hanging on the points. Thats where you want to start. They been deep and the bite has been slow.
Thanks Rebel, I'm heading out in about an hour.
good luck to ya...

thanks Rebel also;)
I just got back. 2 fish before the cold, hard, rain (who predicted this!?) chased me off; 1 little LM and a SM that went about 4 pounds. LM on grub, SM on shakey head worm, both fish in about 8 feet of water.
Great job. where did ya end up going? 8 feet is real shallow compared to where we been finding them. Glad to hear ya had a pretty good day before the rain.
Baker's Creek. The 2 fish I caught were in 8-10 feet of water. I couldn't get bit deeper. The SM was definitely actively feeding, it nearly ripped the rod out of my hand when it hit.

I work 2 miles from Baker's Creek and fish it a couple afternoons each week. I have a handful of spots that consistently produce fish. I didn't get to fish my favorite spot today due to the weather. My favorite spot produces for me year-round.
Way to go Keith..guess I am going to have have to learn Tellico. 5 miles from the ramp and I am lost
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Hey Z-91, we met friday afternoon at the Poplar Branch? boat launch. Tellico is a tough lake. IMO when the water reaches the high 40s through post-spawn, its pretty good, sometimes great. At other times it is rough, I've have a hard time patterning the fish,

I got my butt kicked this morning. 1 tiny LM before the thunder and downpour. My best spots didn't produce.
Keith, are you the fellow in the blue and white tri that was running for the landing Sun? If so I'm the guy in the blue Ranger. Didn't even get a hit.
a little late on this but bat creek with 1/4 oz rattletraps as fast as you can burn it to the boat smallmouth are crushing them

I'm riding in high style - 1990 17 ft. grey Alumacraft, 60 hp merc. Ugly but it floats. Good on gas, too.
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