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Does anyone on the site work on electric T.M,I have a n older evinrude That the foot switch is not working properly,I thought it may just be rust due to sitting for 3 years so I soaked it in wd 40 and it was working better then it started running continuously I dont know if the wd is making contact or what any help appreciated,
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Sounds like the switch is stuck in the on position.

Did you remove the wires from the switch, the reason I asked is that the old scouts have two sets of contacts, common - normally open /normally closed.
here's alink that i use to order all out TM parts from and they even have drawings of where all the parts and part #'3 are. click on the link and read the different TM brands they carry parts for. hope this helps.


That is a good website Snoot. Thanks for sharing.

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