Open Wheeler and Thrustmaster combo racing game setup - fully adjustable seat. Open Wheeler seat adapts to 99% of driving game consoles on the market, including PC. The mounted Thrustmaster T300RS force feedback gaming wheel and pedals can be used on PC, PS3, PS4, and some PS5 games (more PS5 games if correct drivers and adjustments made - search online for more info). Grand Turismo, Need for Speed, Dirt Rally, DriveClub, F1, and many many more driving games. You can adjust the amount of feedback you want from the wheel to get a realistic driving feel. There’s also options online at both Open Wheeler and Thrustmaster websites for different attachments such as a stick shift, different gaming wheels, pedal set ups, etc. In the box is a Thrustmaster manual and some extra parts such as another wheel, cord, and some mounting parts. There’s a lot of info online about the Open Wheeler seat and the Thrustmaster T300RS in case you have questions as I am not a gaming expert. I originally purchased this for my nephew who lightly played it as he had one at his own house. The T300RS continuously ranks in the top three racing wheel simulators, many times ranked #1, because of its realistic feel! Believe me, you can feel everything with this wheel!! $250 for the whole set up firm, no trades. This is a value of approximately $700 combined together. This combo is good for a kid or adult gamer.