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Here is how to paint jig heads with fiber guards molded in.

FIRST get some 1/8 in. copper tubing. I cut mine a little shorter than the fiberguards.

I melt the loose end of the fiber guards, stick it to your lead pot for about a second or two. This keeps the fiber guard from distorting during the baking or curing process.

Pour the jig head use the end with the factory melt (this end will be inside the jig head)

Now take the copper tubing and put over the fiber guard, and heat the jig, don't hold it too close to a open flame you can still melt them.

After the head is heated (time will vary according to size of jig) remove jig from heat, turn jig over so the copper tubing will slide off of the fiber guard. BE CAREFULL THE TUBING CAN AND WILL GET HOT. Dip in paint shake off excess. Dip them in water and place on a cloth to dry. I have about 10 pieces of the copper tubing to use when heating the jigs. Keep alternating them, maybe you wont get hold of a warm one.

Now the jig heads are ready to be cured. First place the copper tubing over the fiber guards. (cut enough copper tubing to place on the number of jigs you will be curing.) Place them in an oven to be baked. Some friendly advice don't do this in your wifes oven or in the house you do get some fumes during the curing process. Get a toaster oven and do it outside or in the garage. The manufactures suggest that you bake them for 20-25 min at 250 degs. At this temp you will get some distorting of the fiber guard, I bake mine at around 150 degs for about 40-45 mins. Just keep an eye on them. Hope this helps. If you have any questions send me a pm.
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