These are my current sales going on at Craigslist and Facebook markets. Just too many to list one at a time so here’s the links. I’m selling crankbait lots/bundles, Jerkbait lots, Whopper Plopper lots, lipless lots, branded plastics lots, fishing line lots, equipment, mounts, etc. For example, one lot is 99 packages of mostly full Strike King plastics, a lot set of shallow diving crankbaits, a BalZout mount only used on two trips, etc. Here are some of the links. I may not list them all, so just follow my other sales on the two sites:

There’s Hard/Soft baits, terminal tackle, different style baits, equipment, etc. Let me know if you find interest in anything. I don’t ship but I will meet within an hour and a half for serious buyers of $300 plus in items. Or you can stop by and look over the items in person and maybe put together your own lot set. Please contact me on Craigslist or here if you’re interested in anything. It’s first come/pay first serve. I can hold items for people traveling a substantial distance though. Thanks.