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Panfish Assasins

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here are some pics of what they look like. I fish them mainly on a 1/32 head, but when they were thirty feet deep, I went to 1/16. I was vertical fishing with them, but they can be cast out and counted down I.E. 1/1000, 2/1000, then reeled extrmely slow with pauses after half a turn of the handle

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They look just like the Road Runner Bubble Bellies!! Great bait!
Thanks, that is what I thought you were talking about.
How do you fish them?

We used them last weekend and JTF showed me how. We just dropped them down, or casted them where we wanted, then once they got to the bottom, just started reeling almost unbearably slow, then just repeat.
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OK so now you told us HOW to work them, but how did they do as far as bait?

You got to watch JTF.... He will have you fishing out of the far side of the boat.
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Haha, I was the one workin' MY BOAT, so I dunno.
LOL .....He did 2 more than me.
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There also good fished like the fnf. Theres times they will hit the assassin more than the fly.
I got some last weekend at the Big Boy Toy Store. Thanks for the info on how to fish them or I would have for sure been fishing them too fast.
Guys....I totaly forgot about this post.

I have to give credit to the Drumking on CFF for turning me onto the baits.

FP2k.....you dirty dog

I fish these in various ways. In the coldes weather/water, I like to fish vertical in brushpiles from 20-40 feet of water. I mark it with a bouy or GPS(tip for the bouy...paint them dark green so they are not so visible from a distance). I use 1/32-1/8 depending on depth, wind, and current. I start by trying toget stationary, and drop it straight down. I get it in the brush pile or ont eh bottom, and work the reel handle a falf turn, then set it still. I then jiggle the rod tip. I reel up a half turn and repeat. Count reel turns and when you get bit, keep going to that depthor above, and you will catch fish.

With a little warmer water, I cast them with an ultralight rod. I throw it past the brushpiles, and countdown 1/1000,2/1000..etc, until it hits bottom, the reel SLOW. I change it up and do a half reel and pause for a couple seconds, then half reel again. I then change the depth by counting a foot less, and repeat. I also like to throw a steady retrieve every once in a while.

Works good around docks, and Drumking on CFF is the master at this. He does the Shooting method. Putting and arch in the rod and flipping it under docks. He then counts it down to various depths, and retrieves.

As the water warms, these will work up shallow as well, but I usually switch to red/white Tubes...fished under a wieghted floater.

Hope this helps
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I was shown how they work about 8 years ago on Douglas lake crappie fishing brush piles. They will work on anything from trout, crappie, bass, sauger, ect. I mainly use them for crappie, and have out fished people with minnows in the same boat with them. Great little bait to have along on any trip to the water.
Thanks for the tip
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