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Otis's Ride

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Here's my lead sled. Sort of entertained selling her and going newer but the more I think about it, I believe i'll just upgrade motors whenever the old Evinrude decides to lay down one of these days. She's old but heck she's a technological advancement comapared to my other boat (family heriloom) 1970 Astroglass w/75 Johnson that my dad and uncle purchased new in 1970. Maybe in another 10 years or so i'll try to get something in the 90's.

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Nice Boat!
Classic! I've got a '87 360V I inherited when my dad passed...been fishing out of it since he bought it new in '87. Them older OMC's are still good;)
Knowing the previous owner...good. Related to him...priceless! Great boat. Enjoy.
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