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The temp this morning was a cool 29 degrees at daybreak. I figured I would take my sweet time getting out hoping it would start warming up quickly with the warmer air and rain that's suppose to be on the way.
Well it was still pretty cold at 9am when I got on the water so I kept the throttle on lowwww and made my way to one of my favorite holes on this lake.
Finally arrive at my destination where it was fished thoroughly without a single bite except for a couple of gills. Moved on from there prospecting docks and brush fishing depths from 4 to 15 ft without much of anything to show for my labor. 3hrs in and not a single crappie. Just a couple more gills and a drum.
Tossed the buoy marker out on some brush submerged in 25 ft of water out on a main channel point. Started working the brush and picked up a crappie on the first cast. Heard some commotion in the leaves on shore and looking up I notice a nice buck passing through. Must have been looking for does. He was soon gone so back to working on the deep brush. I managed to boat seven crappie here before the rain started coming down. As it started I took a look up the lake and thought to myself Oh Boy! Gonna get soaked here cause I could see it was coming down on up the lake. Then I noticed a neighboring boat slip was vacant so I pulled my boat up under the shelter and hung out until the rain momentarily stopped. Fishing for me is over for the day so its off to the ramp before the cold rain decides to come down again.
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