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:: Fishing Report
Time Fished: 900am-1430pm
Weather: Clear Sky
Air Temp: 70-79
Water Clarity: Visability 5' to 10'
Water Temp: 65
Target Species: Crappie
Baits Used: Cranks,Live Bait
Fished Normandy on sunday, 4/15. Windy. Very windy, which put a bit of a damper on my intended crappie strategy, so I improvised. Trolled around, and got a nice kentucky bass. I finally found a good calm cove with some decent structure, and was marking a lot of fish suspended at 6-14 feet. I put some big tuffies down and had a heck of a time getting some solid crappie on the line, and burned through about 2 dozen in about an hour, with only one small crappie to show for it. Figured out why I was having such a difficult time getting the crappie hooked after an interesting catch on a JSR5 shad rap: Yellow Perch. Explains everything!!! I had always heard they were in there, but I had never caught one there. Hadn't caught one of those since my last Caldewood trip! I think I know exactly what I am going after next time I go...Crappie are darn good, but yellow perch taste even better.
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