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It wont be long before the horns are gone . Has anyone ever found any sheds ?

Yep, when I have time, I hunt KY, Bow hunt I should say and I can't beleive that these pic's have deer with antlers. I usually start going up the 1st week of Feb. Last time I went I found 2, one side was from a monster buck that I had never seen since I have hunted there, if the other side was the same it would score it the 180's. It is a HUGE 10 pointer, this had 5 points and 6" bases. The other I found was a non-typical it look like a bull horn with 3 small points but it was 7" round at base and 4" at tip.

They are hard to find but it's fun..when you do find them. Might go back this year if I have time..This is public land also
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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