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My '92 Bullet

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This is when I first got it. I'm in the process of upgrading electronics, engine, livewell pumps, etc...been slow progress due to family issues but its coming together.

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sweet ride
nice boat!!! thier is a person in our bass club that has one just like it.
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Very Sharp!
Nice looking Bullet, I wish I would have got a red boat when i got my Skeeter but folks kept telling me dark colored boats is hotter in summer time so I went White with Light Grey but I love Red Boats........
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sweet boat for sure!!!
Thank you guys! It is in pretty nice shape to be a '92 model. The black gel was only faded a little, but it buffed right out. Its a light one too!
Great Lookin Ride Chad!! You'll have to post pictures throughout the upgrades so we can see how it's coming along
Gunny and I had a great teacher in school that was belovedly nicknamed "Bullet". Seeing your boat reminded me of him. Hadn't thought about that guy for years.. Thanks for that.

I bet you don't have time to blink on that ride. Great lookin' boat.
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nice boat,just wondering if you got it @ madisonville marine in 1998 , sure looks like 1 I wanted to buy but it was sold.
wattsbar, the boat originally came from Madisonville Marine when new, but the last 2 owners I know of both live here in Maryville and work together. I just bought it in at the end of July in '07. Motor is being rebuilt as we speak, hyd steering is on the way, new wiring should be in next week. Boat should be ready for break-in in 3 weeks. I hope anyway
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1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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