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Looks like I am out of commission

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My brother in law and I changed out my water pump yesterday, and also changed spark plugs. We took out the spark plug for cylinder #3 and it had small pieces of metal on it.
We took the head off, and there was very little damage done to the cylinder walls, may just need honing.
I think a bearing carrier or rod bearing is going out on me. We started tearing it down last night for the rebuild. So for the next month, it looks like I'll be working on my boat motor

Funny thing is, we checked compression, and it was normal....just goes to show, compression does not always tell the real story.
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jon you should just buy the renegade for $1200.00 and put the motor on your boat
jon you should just buy the renegade for $1200.00 and put the motor on your boat

I wish I could afford it, right now....I am so broke I can't pay attention
I hope you get back on the water soon for the spring!!
Sorry to hear about your boat troubles. So we taking my boat next weekend?
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Sorry to hear about your boat troubles. So we taking my boat next weekend?

Sounds good to me Bubba.....I'll take a backseat anywhere I can get it
Sorry to hear about your ride JTF... Hope you get it fixed soon!
Sorry bout your motor JTF. I am like you on the back seats. I actually enjoy the back end of the boat. Get to fish more and pump that trolling motor pedal less and in most cases catch more fish back there. I fished shotgun alot before getting my first boat and was so thrilled to own my boat until I began getting outfished by the guy on the back cause I was the guy on the TM now. That is why my 98 Skeeter motor still has under 300 hours on it. I like the back of other guys boats just fine. I just like owning one in case I can't bum a ride some where and want to go fishing......
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Thats bad man, but be glad it wasnt worse! At least it happened now instead of spring
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Hope you get her fixed back and on the water Soon Jon!! Nothin worse than motor problems. Best of Luck on the rebuild
Man that is a bad deal. Look at the bright side though, it's the best time of the year for a boat motor to go down if it's got to happen. Good luck getting that thing fixed before the spring bite.
Good thing you caught it before it got REAL bad. Your right, compression test doesn't always work. Hope you get it back up and running soon!

It is a 96' 200 Merc. I am lucky to have a Bro-in-law who is a certified Merc mechanic. We are turning my Garage into a boat shop. Went and bought a lift ring and motor lift today. I hope to have the powerhead off by tomorrow evening, and diagnosis by Sunday. I hope it is just a bearing carrier, and hopefully has not damaged the crank shaft.
hate to hear that hope you are back on the water before the good fishing starts!
Sorry to hear about the motor JTF. If you need parts here is a place you can get the whole rebuild kit from if you need it. One of the guys I work with rebuilt his from a kit from them last year. Good parts and everything was in the kit. Or you can buy parts from them too.


Hope you get it back on the water soon.

Just click on the powerhead kit logo.
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Sorry to hear that hopefully it will not be down long and not cost you to much.
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