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Laurel Report

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Fished Laurel today, 6 rainbows, 1 crappie, and 1 small kentucky bass, all came on the fnf, not exactly what I was hoping for. Fished from about 11-4, water temp 42 degrees, I blew a fuse on the boat early in the trip, no livewell aerators (not that I needed them) and no bow depthfinder, everything else on the boat worked. I didn't have a replacement fuse with me and not having any electronics on the bow was a little disheartening but after two weeks of cabin fever I wasn't giving in. All of the fish came under a 12' or so leader on a duck hair fly with a little chartreuse and a little red mixed in. I had one good fish on a carolina rigged tube, deep off a point, pretty sure it was a SM but I never got to see it. I was the only truck in the lot at Marsh Branch, and saw one other boat on the lake all day. Pretty nice day after a small rain shower about 2:30, sun came out and actually wasn't bad. I've had better days, but after not being on the water for a couple of weeks i'll definately take it.
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Thanks for the report.

I've had a few of those hair pullin problem days too. More than my share I think
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Thanks for the report!
Thanks for the report, at least you got out and gave it a try.
Otis that sounds typical for Laurel. At least you got to go and catch something.
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