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:: Fishing Report
Date Fished: 2/1/12
Time Fished: noon
Weather: Clear Sky
Air Temp: 86F
Water Clarity: Stained
Water Temp: 70+
Target Species: Black Bass (LM, SM, Spots, etc.)
Baits Used: Top Water
Structure Fished: Mud Flats
I live nearby Ky lake ,6 min drive down to Paris Landing state park,so when I get an hr to spare off I go,yes bank fishing as this cove is closed off by beavers at winter pool.

Larger fish swirled but would take the bait,but had fun with these they are keepers just not something to win a T with,and didnt ake lots of pics as all of them in same size range had a limit in an hr and time to go home-yes released,what else but a frog.

All about same sixe just keepers,but hammmered either a floater or a horny toad,not the pads are begining to bloom.

And yes some spawning and frogs are also out in force

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