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As posted on the old site, I'm glad to have found ETF.

I’ve enjoyed posting in the Caney Fork forum over the past month or so and look forward to continuing my reporting there.

My fishing endeavors are limited to farm ponds, private lakes, and any stream I can wade or slide my flat bottom into. I do take the occasional trip with a few buddies who have bass boats to hit up the major reservoirs around the Middle TN area and up into KY. We had some great trips up at Dale Hollow back in December. (I love that lake) I’ve caught some decent trout on the Caney this year and look to catch more moving forward. Always enjoy catching a limit for supper, but I’m more interested in the big boys that get the adrenalin pumping.

That’s it in a nut shell. I’ll try to learn what I can and contribute where I have some experience.

See y’all around the board,

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