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Here is a list of things you should check when you hook up you trailer

Lights make sure none are busted.

Check all wires and look for places that have been rubbing or the covering is broke.

Check that the bolts in the hitch are tight and the ball is tight and no rough places on it .

Check the safety chains.

Check the light plug for a good fit and that it's clean.

Check the winch strap and snap to see that it is not worn.

Check the boat tie downs on the back look for worn places.

Check the tramsom saver and check the bolts and the rubber piece.

Check the rubber tie on it look to see if it needs to be replaced.

Check the trailer jack to make sure it works freely.

Check all locks and make sure you can open them.

Check the wheel bearings for grease or oil and the slack in them.

Check the tires for dry rot and cuts and the air pressure in them and don't forget the spare.

Check that all rollers are good and rolls free.

Check the bow stop and make sure it is not broke.

Check all fenders for lose or missing bolts.

And you should carry spear fuses, bulbs a lug wrench and a spear hub and bearings if traveling a long way

a roll of tape and a set of wrenches to change a bulb or hub, some grease or oil for hub, and some hand cleaner and rags to clean up afterwards.

Everybody be safe and catch lots of fish

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I thought I would bump this because I have seen 2 trailers setting beside the road with the tire off of one and a hub off the other.

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I checked the air in my tires and spare this weekend. All were less than 30 lbs but only 1 looked low. The spare was loose, too!
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