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Its lefty kreh mo-ron.......
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He is trying to get under my skin because im the only fly fisherman on here. Thats ok though, Ill get him.......
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yeah very true i do need to hook up with him. Ive almost stopped fishing all together until it warms up a bit.
i hear ya there. its just to cold to enjoy yourself and have a good time

Wait till you see the pics of this weekend of the "Hollar".....talk about FUN!!!!!!!!!!
I knew you'd jump all over that Snoot
Tell ya what, yea, it will be cold Friday morning when we get there....but, the secret 2 that is good and I mean very good gear, a thermous full of good coffee and some hot hands.....by 10'oclock, all will be warm again and hopefully, Ill have 4 or 5 in the boat by then. Wont be making any long runs until the temps warm up enough. With really good gear, honestly, it aint that bad out there
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Yu will have to come and try trout fishing up the Russell Fork of the Big Sandy. From Elkhorn City in Ky. up though the state line and above it in Va. thier are some nice rainbows and browns. I have fish it in the spring and caught 50 to 75 and have had rainbows 6 to 7 lbs.
Its alot of fun but it can be a hard walk. Atleast from Elkhorn up past the Breaks Park but that area is the best fishing and thats why.From Haysi down river is good to and a little easier walk.
Sounds like a great place, I love fishing in new places. About how far is it from knoxville?
Heck Snoot your only about one and a half hours away from me so that wouldnt be such a bad trip...
Are you talking about catching that many fly fishing??
That would be alot on a fly rod, the most ive ever caught was around 20 in a couple hrs this summer.....
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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