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EarlyBird's Ride

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Here are are few pics of my pontoon and my crawdad

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Nice boats EB. Those Bentley Pontoons are top notch! The river rat aint to bad either...
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nise looking boats Cory. when do you expect to try the crawdad out.

I actually took it out today by myself. Wife said it was too cold. With the 55lb trolling motor, that thing will cruise.
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The Crawdad looks great, can't wait for a trip.
nice rides...ever float down the little river in Rockford? or up towards Walland?
I fish the Rockford area up to the mill and down to Loudon. There are some good spots in this area.
Is it fairly stable in the water??
Owner of two boats makes you a fleet commodore. Great lookin' navy.
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Hey that was my first boat was a crawdad, I put a evenrude on the back I cant remeber what hp but I know it was to much for the boat, but boy would it fly
I just rember hanging on both sides for dear life! Can you beleve I was thinking of building a deck on it
I think I was only 16 yrs old. But we had alot of fun with it! I sank my 71 old ford truck one day when I was going to load it in the back of the truck and my trans sliped and my truck went all the way into the lake only alittle of the roof was showing! But I got it out of there and changed out all the fliudes and later sold the truck and boat! It would be really good back in some creeks! Good looking Boats & have fun with them!
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