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Got out on the water Friday evening - didn't intend to fish seriously, just fine-tuning the rig a bit. Now that the water is up on my favorite ramp, might be able to get out more often. Weather was nice both times very little wind until about 11:00 Sat, then it got rough in a hurry. Water temp was 43-48, warmer in creek channels.Color was slightly stained with some floating debris Tried FnF with no luck, caught 3 sm from 11"-14" and 1 huge crappie on silver buddy on Fri., did not get bit on Sat. HUGE schools of shad in the coves at panther creek and Cedar Hill. Could not throw anything with a treble hook- I was snagging 2-3 shad with every cast.Each of schools took up about an acre and blacked out the sonar in 30' depths.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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