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Put in at the Church House (11W) this morning about 10 and fished until 4. Man was it cold
. Ice was freezing in the guides until about 12:30. You could get about 2 casts in and then had to stick the rods in the water to thaw guides. Water temp at church this morning was 48. Fished from ramp down close to fall creek. Ended up catching 15 largemouth, lost a few more. Nothing to brag on size wise, biggest about 4 pounds, most were just chunks. Caught fish on jerkbaits, tight line, and rattlehead jigs. Almost all the fish we caught had just came up, because they were white as snow. Saw a BIG LM bust a shad at the bridge in poor valley. Did not stay long back there, water was 43 and muddy at the bridge. Most fish were caught on the chunk rock and mud banks pretty shallow.

The church house has plenty of water now to put in. It is currently 6 feet higher than this time last year. You will still have to launch off the mud/gravels, but it is fine. Also, when we pulled in the police was checking the parking lot and when we left they pulled in again, so they must be trying to keep an eye on it a little better.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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