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what??? no pics of the Jon???

I've got a couple of when I first got it, but none since the latest updates(swivel seats)

No, No updates on the G3 yet....Well I have gotten a few supplies, but no updates. I bought some of those Rod Saver Rod straps that were on clearance at bass pro, but they are too short. I'm gonna have to get me some 15" ones to cover up the ones that were on the boat. They are the elastic kind from the factory...one is stretched too much to have tension, and the other the hook is broke. So i'm gonna get some different ones that I can cover up the existing holes(or use the existing holes) that match with the boat(probably green...the seats have hunter green inserts). Also got me some rod sleeves and a "golden rule"...hopefully I can put that one to good use

And You bet you'll get to ride in it Dale! Whenever you want.....I owe you a trip anyways!
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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