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Boone's Ride

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Well i figured since everyone is posting there boat i figured i would to. I know all of you have already seen it but here it is.

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Bet that paint blinds you in the sun.....very nice. Good motor too.
No i was at wal mart this afternoon and my wife and i was looking over in the sporting goods section and she is wanting to get him some type of suit that has a life vest built into it. I have seen small kids at the camp ground with them but i guess Wal Mart dont have them yet. Oh and the paint is bright on the water when the sun is beaming down. I try to wax it at least once a month
and wipe it off with a chamy everytime i pull it out of the water.
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So i assuming you use this as wax?
Looks Good Boone!
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Good Lookin boat Boone!! Did the motor gremlins stay away after you had it worked on?
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Ya after i fixed that fuel pump it run good im dieing to take it out and run it some more. But with this weather im not much for that lol.
Nice Boat Boone. Won't be long till Hunter will be riding along.
nice boat Boone hope I get to fish back seat one day
we will go jason hopefully your work will not be so busy this spring
Nice boat Josh really sparkles in the sun.
Good looking boat. That thang sure has some sparkle.
+1 on the flake...pretty boat
You know what I think, good looking boat! I sure do miss it!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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