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guys if you like crappie or cajun you gotaa try this simple easy recipe

first you need a bbq grill or a fire pit with rock around it and filled with charcoal

boneless fillets

a metal can

a flat cast iron skillet like a griddle but completely flat no grooves

a spatula

one stick of butter

and last blacken you can get this at almost any grocery store

get your heat source started grill or charcaol and put skillet on it do not put ant kind of grease or oil on it

next put the butter in the can and place on the skillet to melt

once the buter has melted take off and set aside

dip the fillets in the buter and dust both sides of the fillet with blacken do several this way and place on hot skillet the hotter the skillet the better fish should draw up when they hit let cook for about a minor 2 then flip takes about 2 minutes maybe 3 to cook youll know there done theyll start to fall apart remove and enjoy i do this same thing with lemon pepper and walleye and sauger you can do this on the river or lake bank with charcoal just build a pit with rock this is simple and easy just dont do it inside the blacken will smoke up the house and burn your eyes
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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