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Pretty cool site

I remember the first time I saw one (not albino) on on trip accross the border almost 25 years ago. I almost wrecked my truck, couldn't believe the shear size of it. Massive creatures for sure.

What I didn't know about them is their sense of site is not good. A couple years ago while on a flyin in we were in a back bay and out of the bush comes this big bull moose, we were down wind and the moose walked right up to within about thirty foot of where we were sitting in the boat. Scared the crap out my buddy because the bull started snorting at us and I wouldn't start the boat
As soon as I started the boat the moose came into the water and away we went, my buddy was totally convinced he was going to charge us.

Here's a couple pics of a sow and a calf we played hide and seek with one day a few years back.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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