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My Dad had someone give him a 5 HP Goodyear Motor, which he gave to me to try ti fix, well after tinkering with it for the last few days, I realize I need to get a Carb Kit for it, I think the Motor is a Mid 1950's twin Cyl 2-stroke Engine, from the Research I have done it was originaly made by OMC, Does anyone Know when I could get parts for this thing Locally or will I have find something Online? I did a Compression Check on the engine & I got 55# on the Bottom Cyl & 60# on the Top Cyl. is this normal Compression on a 1950's Engine?

The thing that blew my mind was it had an Accual CORK float in the Carb. did they come from the Factory back then with a Cork FLoat? or has someone done some ******* engineering?

I has a Gas Tank that mounts on top of the engine, probably Holds 1/2 gallon of gas.

If anyone know anything abot these motors Please enlighten me. Thanks

Model#: 025-3564A

S/N: 249950

here are a Few Pics:

Data Plate:

Side View:

Other Side:


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