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Well we got there this morning and Denso was having a tournament too. So Kenny and I got in it too. Had some new face's in our crowd this week. It was great meeting ya'll and having ya'll fish with us. Several people brought fish to the scales. But only 2 of us weighted fish. I don't know the guys name but I think he was with Crazyhorse. Weighted in a 2.3 pound spot... Z had 2 but didn't weight them. I didn't catch any keepers. Kenny bailed me out. He said I needed the net practice any way. We had a bag weighting 6.15 with a big bass of 3.8 pounds. Winning lunker in both tournaments and winning both tournaments. I had alot of fun and glad I got to meet some new people.

1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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