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Put in at Anderson Co. park about 10am, went downstream a little ways, fished a bluff, no bites. Went around the corner to a cove that looked promising, spent a couple hours there working both sides, had one pull, but didn't hook up. Went back out to the channel, downstream and across to a long bank, with lots of chunk rock, sitting in 30-50 feet, casting towards the bank, working back to the boat with FnF at 10-12' under the bobber. Nothing. Back up the lake to just below the Clinch / Powell junction, fished a bluff with more promising looking chunks, nothing there either. Left at 5:30.

We marked some bait in the cove, but very little out in the channel. Couldn't buy a bite. Used FnF all day, threw a blue / green / white jig, a duck feather jig, all green jig, orange, even tipped with small minnows, nothing was biting for us.

H2O was 47 everywhere we went, clear, could see at least a couple feet down. Wind was 5-10, but nothing too bad. Bluebird sky, felt like it was in the high 40s to low 50s.

From reading the other reports from Norris, I guess I should've gone up the Powell.

Was a beautiful day, had a great time getting to know my new 9'6" rod with braid / three way swivel / fluoro leader...maybe next time.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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