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unloaded at Loyston at 6:30am, fished until 11:00am until 1st bite, 3lb LM on CB, tried that pattern nothing else, went back to jerkbait this is the 6th one I tried I guess 6 times is a charm, caught 2 keepr smallies around 18-19 inches. Both hit like a train. Went into a small cove where a lot of bait was last weekend and they were there again. Caught 3 more non-keeper smallies around 15-17" and the got a hog LM on an island, 4.7lbs. Better day then I have had in a while. The smallies should atart tearng it upin about 2 more weeks and I should have fished for LM more. You can catch some big females right now if you have the slow, slow, slow fishing down.... I will try for them maybe a little earlier then mid day, I shoud have quit fishing for the smallies and started fishing for the LM. I did throw everything first few hours for smallies with narrow a hit. What are these guys catching these 18 lb bags on in hte Saturday wildcats, evidently it's something I'm not using. probable close to 13 lb bag. The smallies were males and skinny....not the big femlaes I usually catch this time of year, for some reason I'm not finding them yet...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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