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Put in at the ramp across from the dam- the first one you come to out of Elizabethton about 1:30. Water was past the end of the ramp and it was a little hairy putting the lead sled in. Went up to point 8 just down from the 421 bridge and started working towards the Cove Ridge Marina. My buddy caught a 1.1 lb. spot on a BPS Lazer Blade silver colored silver buddy. We also got a lot of hits from trout and he landed one. We then went to the 2 islands out from Fish Springs Marina and fished around both with not action. After that we went in search of some wood and wound up one cove over from the dam. I figured the wind would have made fishing a little better. The spot was the only fish. I did get a few SI images and lots of video of the lake. I did get my buddy on video catching the spot so that was kinda neat. I will have to see what I can do to get the images posted. It will be a few days.

After much debate on where to go tomorrow, RhotenJ and I are gonna see what we can do on Boone. I plan on a lot of videoing there, too while the water is down.

See ya'll at lunch.
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