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Two masked bandits put in at Little Milligan at 2:30, and to my surprise (note the sarcasm)
not another sole was there. Water temp 42-43, air temp 41 and wind 40+ mph gusting stronger and spitting snow. I thought....I'm an idiot but proceeded to display my intelligence
by running across the main part of the lake. First point I stopped on wham....a nice 3 lb largemouth. Fished for a few more minutes and wham....a 4.5 lb largemouth. I thought...this is going to be a banner day. Unfortunately, after those two, the quality went downhill but from 2:30p-6p I boated 9 on buddy and fnf. Caught 7 largemouth and 2 spots. You had to pick where you wanted to fish very carefully with the wind the way it was, and trust me, a 14 ft leader is no fun in 5mph win, much less today... but anyway, that forced me to fish a few new spots that I'd never fished which produced some fish and caused me to find some structure I didn't know existed
FNF fish were on 14 ft leader and buddy fish came in about 20 ft with access to 50 close by. Threw a jerkbait some with no luck and tried a 1oz spoon no luck. Hooked a hawg smallmouth on the fnf, in the 5 or 6lb class that got off right at the boat while hand lining her in. Wish I could've gotten a pic of that one. All fish were released alive and healthy! I've attached a few of the best fish caught today!

Good luck and tight lines!





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Great Fishing!!! Man, I just let the wind talk me out of going. I had intended after church yesterday to put-in at roan creek and fish all day,

(no night services at church) But when I looked at the lake, I decided to fish the creeks for trout. After two hours and no trout I went back and the lake was bad, so I went home instead. Planing on Saturday trip.

I have not had much luck on Watauga with the F&F,do you use the minnow on your fly, or just the fly?

Thanks, Pedro
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