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1/17/08 - Thursday Soho

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Hey all fished Soho below the dam thursday. Ended up with 2 rainbows both on sulfers. Fished under the bridge to the Island.

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Good Lookin Trout B-Rad!! Good to see you workin the Net Skills pretty good!
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Yeah the ninja is back. Yeah snoot i stole the wifes......shhhhh
Thanks for the report Brad. Were there many people fishing?

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Thanks for the report B-Rad!
Hey J no it was completely dead, very very cold though.
thanks for the report.. I drop my cell phone that had a camra in the water on Norris this summer. we where fishing a TX and my dad called checking to see how I was doing. I had just caught a fish when the phone rang so I pick it up and hit the answer button and it slid out of my hand and in the water.
I know exactly what your talking about it suck so bad, check out my new post in product reviews.
Good job brad glad to see you didnt strike out on a cold day like yesterday.
thanks guys gonna try and go in the morning too. If the wife is feeling better.
hey bud!!! i love that pic of the baby....thats awesome, just plain awesome

i hope roana gets to feeling better also. momma had that morning sickness that would last all day!! she kept it for nearly 9 monts with spinnerbait.

hey maybe this Spring you can hook up and wade the Russel Fork River with me.

I wondered what I was looking at Brad in your avatar. I didn't know you had a little one on the way. Congratulations. How far along is Roana? I wish you both the best of luck.

By the way,,,,any strange cravings yet? My wife craved steak and baked potatoes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snacks, and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well you get the message. After my daughter was born, I ate chicken and fish for a longggggggggg time.
Eating steak for 8 months straight kinda got old.

Anyway,,,it is a life changing event, but very rewarding.

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Yeah its pretty cool this is my first one so i guess im pretty stoked about it. Shes 11 and 1/2 weeks along and as far as wierd cravings go shes eating pickled caulflower olives and crackers. very strange. but thats my wife. Hey Snoot shes been sick for a few weeks all day long but they say thats a good sign.
Nice trout! I haven't fished the SOHO lately. Actually I haven't done any fishing at all.
Nice report and nice looking trout congrats !!!
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