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  1. By Species - Trout
    Does anyone trout fish up in Frozen Head SP? We are thinking about checking it out for this spring. Is this one of those spots that gets over crowed or is there a better time of the year to fish here? Thanks
  2. ETF Welcome Center - New Member Introductions
    I was wading some of the good spots (will never disclose) and some guides came down with some people as i was working my way back up to the car. They all were fly fishing and smacking the water like they just had started. Then one of the guides comes up to me and ask if i had caught anything...
  3. Clinch - Lower
    Took advantage of the longer than normal minimum flow yesterday. Fished below the big dam with my dad for a few hours. Caught a handful of fish... but the numbers weren't as impressive as the size. Caught my personal best 18" really heavy rainbow just to best that fish later that day with a 20+...
1-3 of 3 Results