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  1. Fishing Tournaments & Tournament Results
    Hey guys when is Frank gonna start the Friday night tournaments on Douglas? Also the Tuesday nighters. Thanks guys
  2. Kentucky
    Fished for a few hrs with a friend,west big sandy arm,which is near Paris Landing. Water temp 68-70,wind howling trolling motor trouble limited us to two hrs fishing. 4 keepers about ten pds on spinnerbaits and flukes all post spawn My friend Steve Huber with a few nice ones Me with the runt...
  3. South Holston
    caught this largie on a a-ring but was the only thing we caught but was fat and crushers and lips were very red. also caught a ton of gizzard shad, trout and some kid of sucker.
  4. Melton Hill
    Has anyone had any luck catching striper while generating below the dam? thinking about going out there tomorrow afternoon and see what i can do.
1-4 of 4 Results